How to Use a Leaf Blower?

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There are no hard and fast rules for using a leaf blower but the way you use it can affect its efficiency. In recent years, leaf blower has become widely used equipment that is present in almost every house. You can get rid of leaves from your driveways, walkways and even the indoors with this very simple device. Here is how to use it.

1. Check out the Area Regulations 

The first and the foremost thing that you should do is to check whether or not your local area is allowed to use a leaf blower of particular sound intensity. It is important because leaf blowers usually have pretty loud noise which can disturb and offend the neighbors and that is why they are banned in many areas. This is, however, something that you should do before buying a gas powered leaf blower but if you already have one then do check for the rules and regulations to avoid yourself from getting into any sort of trouble.

2. Use It at the Right Time

Many people don’t keep this factor in their minds and ultimately end up getting disappointing results. For the maximum efficiency and best results, note the following things;

Wet leaves: Never try to blow leaves when it has just rained or leaves are wet due to any reason. Because, leaves are not properly blown out of the way when wet, so, schedule a leaf blowing session when the leaves are dried as it would be much easier that time.

Wind: It is best to use the gas powered leaf blower when the wind is also cooperating with you, in other words, when the wind is blowing and taking the leaves in the same direction as you want them to be blown. Because, if the wind is blowing in the counter direction then you won’t be successful in cleaning all the leaves.

3. Clean One Section at a Time 

Loads of work can be made easier by dividing it into sections. This is a top-notch strategy to get your work done efficiently and in an orderly manner. Follow the same strategy to use a leaf blower. For example; if there is a large area covered with dead leaves then start blowing them section by section, in this way it won’t get too hectic for you to cover the entire area and the backflow of leaves would also be prevented. You can also take a break after every section. 

4. Use the Right Speed on the Right Surface 

There are different types of surfaces such as; paved concrete surfaces where friction is very less and some soft surfaces such as grass. Set the blower on low speed while clearing the hard surfaces like sideways, walkways or driveways as leaves are moved easily from such surfaces whereas while cleaning from the grass, use moderate to a high speed of the blower. 


The next time you use your electric or gas powered leaf blower, keep these simple strategies in your mind to make your experience much enjoyable, easy and safe.

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