The Need for Regular Auto Maintenance

by Tad Friesen IV

This is an issue that many car owners don’t like talking about. Many of us feel that unless our car has any outright issue we don’t need to take do any tune-up or repairs. For us going or finding the perfect auto parts store near your location and buying quality parts from there through extensive searching is a hassle.

This gives many of us the mentality that “I’ll take care of it later”. This is where you are wrong. Your car may be running perfectly now but there is every chance that this is the calm before the storm. Going a few miles could result in a shutdown/breakdown that you did not anticipate because you ignored the instructions on the owner’s manual. Here I will list a few reasons why you should check your car parts regularly and schedule timely auto maintenance.

Breakdown Prevention

As I said before, your car may be running great now but they may falter anytime if you haven’t checked them in a long time. Auto parts are not indestructible. They are obviously subject to wear and tear and you not addressing the problems beforehand may end up resulting in a breakdown. This can prove to be a costly affair for you and may even be fatal.

Tune-Up Necessity

You know whenever I told people that regular tune-ups are very important in preserving your car parts, most of them laughed or got irritated. But trust me it’s a hundred percent true. Tuning things up when the problem is small means that your entire auto part remains healthy. Once it fails you may have to replace the whole thing which means that you would need to spend a hefty sum on the replacement.

Peak Performance

Your car can never give you peak performance if there are niggling problems with its car parts and accessories. Your car’s performance like fuel economy, brake performance, and even torque may be affected because of not getting regular auto maintenance. Getting regular auto maintenance will help your car be more efficient and help perform at its optimum level.

Maintaining Warranty

Servicing your car’s parts and the car itself is a major part of the warranty. Many manufacturers have car neglect clauses. This means that if you don’t maintain regular upkeep of your product and service the auto parts regularly your warranty may become null. Even if it is for only this you should maintain a regular schedule for auto maintenance.

Save Money & Time

Prevention is always better than cure. Repairing or replacing the car parts before it stops functioning is the most cost-effective step you can take. If you keep a regular auto maintenance schedule than you will see that your car parts have a longer life expectancy, as well as auto parts replacement, makes for an expensive outing.


So these are my reasons why I maintain regular auto maintenance. The reasons stated allow me to save money while ensuring my car stays in perfect shape. You should look into this as well, trust me you won’t regret it in the long run. Whether you decide on going with your brick and mortar local auto parts store or online auto parts store, make sure you do ample research on the product. You can find many lucrative deals on aftermarket accessories and OEMs but make sure you buy from a reputed shop as well as make sure that your product has all the certifications needed to make it a great fit for your car or truck.

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