Some Car Maintenance Tips

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Cars are a symbol of convenience, comfort, and dreams. These complex machines have been a part of our life since we can remember. This complex machine has a lot of important auto parts and interconnected machinery. With the machine being made up of more than thirty thousand car parts, it should be no surprise that it needs a little bit of care and attention.

You shouldn’t be scared about the responsibility that comes with owning a car, trust me simple maintenance and repairs are therapeutic at times. These sort of maintenance doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or expertise and you certainly don’t have to pass the ASE test to do them. The following will be a few tips on simple maintenance so that you don’t have to visit your local auto parts store.

Basic DIY Knowledge

As I said you don’t need to spend a chunk of your life learning about cars, but when you own a car knowing some basics is pretty helpful. A car is a big investment for you, and you should always try to keep it in good condition. This means knowing basic engine care.

There are plenty of people who never look into their car, that is unfortunate. Taking care of your car can give you great satisfaction and save you from a ton of expenses. Just knowing the basics is good enough. What are the basics you ask? Well, it’s basically knowing when to change or check the oil, the fluid reservoir, the tire pressure, brake pads, bumper covers or guars etc.


Well, its ok if you don’t know how to do any of these. There are plenty of blogs and articles that will help you and there are videos to guide you as well. Your local online auto parts stores might have a knowledge base. This is where they store basic knowledge about parts, repairs, replacement and other sorts of car maintenance. You can try finding them out and if they are good shops then you can even order from there. If you still have trouble understanding, then when you are taking your car to mechanic ask them to show you how it’s done.

Be A Good Listener

See new cars come with onboard diagnostics (OBD), this means that the system informs you when and where your car needs repairs. This will also tell you if your car engine has problems or not. But if you own older models that are without the OBD then how do you know about the problems? Well, cars tell you about the problems in a bunch of different ways, you just have to listen. If your car makes a weird sound or fails to perform something in the first attempt, then it’s time to check your car for problems.

Regular Servicing and Finding Parts

For the simple restorations and replacements, you should look up your local online auto parts store. They will offer you great prices and amazing discounts if they don’t then there are plenty that does. You may be tempted to use the cheapest auto parts store online, but you need to make sure that the store is reputable and trustworthy. Also, make sure if they are a pure aftermarket auto body parts store or OEM store or if they sell both. After you determine everything you can be well on your way to relative car safety.

Now as I said already you don’t really need to know all the workings of your car and its auto body parts. You just need to make sure it can take you to your destination safely. While maintaining basic car care and replacing the odd auto body part here and there will save you time and money.

I strongly suggest you make sure your car gets a regular checkup and tune-up from an expert. This will take away any risk of you missing some vital problem which may result in a costly endeavor or maybe even a fatal one.

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