How to Fix AC Leak in Your Car?

by Tad Friesen IV

Most of the drivers encounter the problem of air conditioner leakage. This issue can be prevented as well as fixed if you follow our guidelines given below.

1. Find the Leak in AC

Before you start fixing the leakage issue in car AC, it is important to find the issue. Is it air conditioner coil or the refrigerant or a leak? In case of leaking, many people do not know where the AC is leaking and how to spot the issue. Experts believe, various options are used when it comes to finding the leak issue in AC. They are given below.

The first one is the visual inspection. Car owners should check the refrigerant, condenser and compressor to see if there is any water. This way you will know if the AC is leaking in your car.

The second method is to use the soap solution. In this method, you will fill up the bottle with soap solution and spray it after charging on the air conditioner. It will create bubbles if there is any leakage in the air conditioner. 

The third method is to make use of the dark light feature in most of the modern car air conditioners. When there is a water leak, you will not see the light turned on.

Lastly, the drivers can also use a sniffer which is a device used for spotting any AC water leakage issues inside the cars. Device is dust sensitive so this process should be performed in closed areas.

2. Get the Tools Required

Once you are done with finding the leakage spot of air conditioner, you will have to fix it. But this also requires to have some necessary tools and equipment. For fixing an AC leakage problem, the drivers should have a proper toolkit containing equipment. In some cases, when a certain part of the AC is to be replaced for example, air conditioner coil, more tools are needed. However, that venture can be expensive for car owners. That is why they should take the car to the professional service providers. 

3. Fixing the Leak in AC

There can be a number of possible issues with the air conditioner of your car for which it is leaking. However, in order to fix the leak issues in the AC, you should have some technical knowledge about it. Otherwise, it can lead to further issues when you try to fix it on your own. 

The first option that many people recommend is to use a Super Seal which is a type of solution that needs to be applied on the area where AC is leaking. You can find R-134A super seal anywhere at most of the stores. When you get it, apply it on the area and this will fix the issue.

The other option is not to fix the issue at home if you believe it is more complex than your knowledge. You can take the car to the mechanics who will fix it for you.


Fixing an AC leak in your car is a complex process. During that, also confirm if it’s not any other problem like air conditioner coil or evaporator coil issue or refrigerant issue. You should start by finding the real problem and then get a super seal which can fix such issues.

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