Replacing Your Car’s ABS Sensor

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The ABS system is a completely computerized mechanism that has several parts along with a control module. Being computerized means that the system has automatic warning systems. These warnings will alert you to any sort of problem regarding any aspect of the ABS system. The ABS error light will flicker on the dashboard whenever the problems occur.

When the ABS problem occurs you will be without the ABS brake system function in difficult situations but otherwise, have full control of the breaks. That means you will only be without the anti-wheel locking aspect of your car You can check your car’s ABS sensor with a simple resistance meter. This should let you know the health of the internal circuit of the sensor and whether you need to replace it or not.

ABS sensor replacement isn’t a hard thing to do. If you are handy with a few tools that you have laying around the house you can do it. This will save you from paying the local auto shop additional money for installation. To replace the ABS sensor, you would need a list of tools, these are a tire spanner, car jack, jack stands, Philips head screwdriver, socket set, and spanner, torque spanner.

The following are the steps to Replacing the ABS Sensor of your car:

Disconnecting Battery

The first step when you are working on your car is to disconnect the battery. Disconnect the negative terminal first before working on any electrical parts. You need to disconnect the nuts holding it in place and then slide the clamp on to cut power from the ABS system.

Wheel Removal

You need to first remove the wheel of the car to access your vehicle’s speed sensor. First, loosen the nuts of the wheel. Don’t remove it at first. After loosening the nuts jack the car up using your jack stand and then remove the wheel entirely and you will have gained access to your ABS speed sensor.

Removing The ABS System Sensor

Once the wheels are off it’s pretty easy to find the ABS sensor. I would advise you to take photos of the wiring and nuts before you remove the sensor. This would make reassembling much easier when the time comes. Unplug the wiring and nuts from the sensor box with the screwdriver and spanner. After that just simply remove it.

Installation of The New Sensor

First take both the sensors old and new to see if you have bought the right parts or not. Otherwise the control module will malfunction. Once you have ensured that the sensor is the right part, align it properly and put the nuts in. After that bring out the picture you took earlier and then configure the wiring like it was earlier.

Reattaching The Wheel

After the installation of the ABS sensor, you should reattach the wheel. Loosely attach the nuts and bolts on the after that bring the car down slowly. After the car is down you should tighten the nuts and the bolts firmly making sure that nothing is loose.

The Final Step

So this is how you do ABS sensor replacement. A pretty simple procedure right? With some elbow grease, any car owner can do it. Make sure after you are done with the installation you take the car out for a test drive. Check all the systems and see if the ABS control module is functioning perfectly or not. Once you confirm that everything is perfect, your work is done.

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