What Are the Best Bumper Guards I Should Buy?

by Tad Friesen IV

A bumper guard maybe something that does not look good on your car, but it can save you from spending excessive time at a local paint shop and your car from any kind of damage. Let us discuss the options for protection.

1. Bumper Bully

Bumper bully comes in three types and is considered the best bumper guard out there. The cheapest edition is the Black edition followed by Gold and Platinum editions. The price of these bumper guards are dependent on the size of the coverage. Bigger the coverage, the higher the price. 

The entry-level type is the Black edition with stabilizer bars that are black. However, it does not include straps that are reinforced from steel or safety reflectors. 

The most popular type that is the mid-level Gold edition includes steel reinforced straps on the trunk and safety reflectors that are integrated red for safer parking at nighttime with stabilizer bars being Gold.

The Platinum edition justifies its price with the addition of impact pads that are of 10mm for additional protection. It also comes with straps that are steel reinforced on the trunk as well as red safety reflectors with stabilizer bars being platinum. 

2. Luv-Tap

Luv-Tap is comparatively more expensive and is a universal fit. It provides coverage to the entire bumper along with sides and corners. It can be re-used and re-sized for any car, so you do not have to buy it for your new car again. Another great feature that it holds is its flexibility and bends to cover the bumper of any shape. The entire thing is washable and therefore, there is no headache about cleaning it. If you are looking for something that protects the front end, bumper thumper is available, similar to the number plate, protecting corners only. Named as one of the best bumper guards, it is designed to be universally fit and you can customize it according to the shape and size of your vehicle.

3. FH Group Bumper Butler

The Bumper Butler from FH group is a universal fit but it is not that bulky as compared to the other options. It is easy to install as it uses adjustable straps and hooks. Featuring red safety reflectors for safer parking and durable plus long lasting rubber. This bumper guard is only to be used when the vehicle is parked, it is more affordable than Bumper Badger, Bumper Bully and City Bumper but does not offer that much protection from impact.

4. Bumper Badger

If your car happens to be parked on the street quite often, Bumper Badger will do a great job protecting its rear. The company offers different types with the “HD Edition” being the most expensive. It measures 46-inches wide and 12-inches tall along with protection that protrudes from the front to absorb minimal parking hits and bumps. It is as simple as it could be to use. You simply open the trunk, flip it out so that it covers the rear end while parked. Otherwise, put it back in when about to drive.


The above mentioned options provide excellent protection and also considered best bumper guards by many. Depending on your budget, make sure that you get your hands on something that is both economical and provides sufficient protection.

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