Tips to Know About the Best Phone Plans for Prepaid

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You should go with a prepaid mobile phone plan if you want to get the highest flexibility and control with a bang for your money. You’ll get a lot of awesome deals for your buck without locking you a specific duration of the contract. As you get the amount that you pay for, you don’t have the chance of getting bill shock. Also, it’s not any a matter of tricky to activate a new plan in replaces of your existing one.

That means you’ll get the complete freedom of enjoying the control over your usability and money. But, you can get the best phone plans if you compare some of the existing plans and deals. As a result, we’re going to let you know about some comparisons of some plans that are available.

How to Choose the Best Prepaid Plans for You?

As you know there are plenty of plans out there that are competing for their business. So, things get tougher to find out the best deals for you according to your needs. But, we have reviewed a lot of plans for you to present you which ones are the best for you.

Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans

Boot Mobile not just operates on Telstra, it also the single provider that has full access to this network. It’s because there are some other providers that use just a part of the Telstra network. That means other providers don’t get them as much as Boost Mobile gets.

When it comes to prepaid plans, Boost Mobile has five different plans that start from just $10. In the same way of Telstra, Boost Mobile also has the offer of data-free music streaming. Also, the provider offers overseas call allowances on their all available plans including business plans.

ALDI Mobile Prepaid Plans

In the prepaid ratings, ALDI Mobile is one of the strong competitors. This provider also uses the Telstra network like Boost Mobile. You’ll need just $5 upfront to get an ALDI SIM card from in-store. But, you’ll be able to use their service right away as this amount is of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) credit.

The starting price of this provider is $15 that will bring you some great inclusions. These include unlimited national and local calls along with SMS. They have five different plans and all of the plans come with the option of data rollover. Moreover, you’ll get some limited minutes for an overseas call from the $15 plan to some selected countries.

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Plans

Usually, Kogan is well-known for its online retailing business that sells cheap TVs, and other items. But, they also have some prepaid phone plans with quite competitive prices. The decent data inclusions are the best part of this provider at a lower price.

Also, it’s one of the mobile service providers that offer a discount at bulky-buy. That means you can save money from the prepaid plans of 90 days or 365 days upfront. Besides, it runs on the power of Vodafone 4G networks that provide a great speed on data using.

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