What You Should Know About the Best DICOM Image Viewer

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As a doctor, the biggest benefit of a cloud-based solution is that you can collaboration your images with others. The idea of teamwork gets inside us since our childhood. But, it’s difficult to work in concert in the field of the modern medicine for the most part.

It doesn’t mean we’re talking about the Operating Theater (OT); instead, we’re referring something else of it. Also, there is a lack of collaboration of the real-time outside the OT and OR. But, the good news is that you can easily collaborate with a lot of specialists across the world.

Yes, we’re talking about not just cloud storage; we’re talking about DICOM image viewer as well. Well, let’s know about Horos and OsiriX viewers for your DICOM images.

Things to Know About Horos & OsiriX Viewer


This is great to work with Horos, OsiriX, or some other desktop based image viewers. Also, we know that these apps are more user-friendly and powerful than some other paid apps. In this point it makes sense. For example, if you use any open source app like Horos, you’ll find a global community working on that code.

But, these products come with a lack of important quality and that’s reliability. It’s because you’ll be at a higher risk of losing your images and data permanently. But, this is not today’s issue; we’ll discuss how the cloud can enhance your medical outcomes.

This is the topic that has not been discussed enough the immediate access and impact sharing to images. Let’s get proceed to find out the real scenario of these issues, to sum up.


Balancing Is a Great Issue

Other than the Cloud-based storage, it’s also a good option to store your medical imaging. But, sometimes things go in the wrong way and you can catch some issues. For example, it may be late or some other issue getting a copy of your medical imaging. Another one is the bigger one and that’s balancing issue that happened frequently.

When you need to show your medical images to your doctors, you may get a lack of them. The reasons may be the imaging center didn’t send you the copy of the images at the right time. In this way, you can miss your appointment and it may late the treating process.

So, what to Consider


When all doctors or specialists use a cloud-based solution, the treating process gets easier. You can get the freedom of waiting for months for your medical images. For example, whenever you take the X-ray, you can send it to your doctor immediately. As a result, you can get the necessary treatment from the doctor accordingly with the necessary steps.

In addition to this, the best thing is those other specialists than your present one can view your images using mobile DICOM viewer. Also, they can see the notes that are made at different times by some other physicians. That means if you don’t use the update and smarter method to access and share your medical images, you’re out of optimizing the way of practicing medicine.

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