What Is Reflective Practice in Healthcare and Why Is It Important

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What Is Reflective Practice?

Reflective practice is basically reflection of your work in your practical life. It is based on your own experiences, which makes you an expert, confident and growing professional individual. In healthcare, reflective practice helps us to learn from our mistakes and grow as a professional health practitioner. If you reflect on your actions, it makes you more self-aware of the circumstances that you face. Reflective practice is a very healthy habit.

Why Is Reflective Practice Important?


1. It Makes You Proactive

Effectively practicing your reflection enables you to be more engaged in the situation. It trains your brain to focus on the problem and you are more driven to find a solution to that problem. Reflection focuses on what you could do to tackle a difficult situation. It is a very rewarding habit, as it helps to you to grow as a problem solver in healthcare and you don’t crack under pressure.

2. It Helps You to Figure out Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Reflective practice helps you to realize what you’re good and bad at. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can then work around them to improve the quality of your work and deliverability. Practice is all about taking one step back, and looking at the big picture. You will know where you stand and what your areas of improvement are. You can then move forward, working to deal with your weaknesses in the best way possible. In healthcare, it means that you can figure out in which departments you are not working according to standard, eventually, you will make a lot of mistakes in that specific department. When you consciously think about your practice and your work, you will be able to identify your weaknesses and work around them to do a better job next time.

3. It Makes You Committed


Reflective practice makes you more committed to your job. You are more driven to work for the betterment of healthcare. If you are an IT personal, it’s important for you too as you use DICOM web viewer and other tools, which can exhaust you. That’s where it helps.

Also, in nursing, it is especially important. As nurses and midwives, you are taught to be more compassionate and caring of the patients. With reflective practice, you can make yourself more committed to work for the health of others. Reflective practice should be prevalent in working professionals from day one. Especially in the case of doctors and healthcare professionals, you need to be more determined and ready to help, because the life of a patient is at stake.

4. You Have a Mental Record of Your Actions


This is very important when it comes to healthcare professionals. Reflective practice engrains your previous actions in your brain, so you can go and reference it when you face a similar situation. Your brain becomes a library for keeping all the actions in record. Having a mental record of your actions will enable you to find a solution to a specific problem. That is the reason why reflective practice is preached a lot in the field of healthcare.

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