Tips to Reduce PDF File Size to Make It Smaller

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Among many other formats of documentation, PDF is one of the popular ways for both offline and online. It has been the premium choice to make documents and publish them as eBooks, manuals, and articles. If you want to export and import your PDF documents from a different format, you can use the latest version of Acrobat Adobe.

When you’ll make PDF files, they’ll occupy more space than the word document. Also, you can’t send the bigger size PDF files as an attachment with the email. But, there some tips that will help you reduce the size of PDF files that will be easy to send with any media. So, let’s know some essential tips to make PDF file size smaller.


In Acrobat, PDF document editors can do little things to make smaller the size of your files. For example, it reduces image sizes by converting it to GIF or JPEG formats instead of bitmap. If you reduce the font size of your document, it’ll reduce the size of the documents as well. Also, you have the option to convert your PDF file into grayscale if it comes in plain text.

When you’ll format the document into grayscale, it’ll get reduced its size more than fifty percent. As a result, it’ll make a huge difference in your files and its ease of transferring. That means you can send a large file easily if you make PDF compressor online free or paid version. 


If you’re a Windows or Mac user, you’ll find WinZip as its default compressor app. There is a free trial of 45-day with its latest version. But, you’ll find its older versions free to download and use without any limitation of time. It’s very easy to go through the process of compressing PDF files.

First, find out the folder where your file has been located and right click on the folder or its file. After that, select “Send To”> “Compressed Folder”. As it differs from other compressor tools, it reduces the file sizes by more than twenty percent.


It’s a file shareware archiving software for your files. You’ll find there many features like the app provides the tool to convert big files into smaller ones for all formats. Like WinZip, it extracts files from recover document of WinRAR into its original format.

But, it doesn’t compromise with quality and an element of the original document. When you’ll install this app, find out the file in the specific folder and right-click on the folder or file. After that simply select the option of “Add to RaR” and you’re all set to reduce your PDF file size up to twenty-five percent.

Other Methods

Apart from the above-said apps, you’ll find some other PDF compressor tools that can make your file size smaller. For example, you can use “Nitro PDF Professional” to compress file sizes up to twenty percent. No matter which one you’ll use, they can reduce the file size of your PDF documents up to twenty percent.

There are many other online PDF utilities online which are able to do many other PDF related works like jpg to pdf free and etc.

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