How to Avoid Car Breakdown?

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Your car breaking down at the wrong time is the worst thing that can happen. Especially if you are driving with your family, relatives or even friends. Regardless of your car, being new or old, breakdowns can take place and you need to consider certain things for avoiding such things in future.

1. Do Not Ignore Warning Lights and Strange Noises

You might have seen this more than often that people instead of getting their vehicles diagnosed, would run them with light on. Since, according to them, the vehicle is running fine, they would not be concerned. What they do not realize is that such things can lead to bigger problems, which can put a huge dent to your salary or savings. Similar is the case with strange noises. People will normally wait for these noises to fix themselves or wait until it becomes louder just to be sure. It is pertinent to mention that getting your car diagnosed at the earliest sign is the safest thing to do. It will save you both from a bigger problem and prevent breakdowns.

2. Do Not Miss Due Service/Maintenance

This is the most neglect aspect when it comes to owning a car. People assume that regular service and maintenance is both waste of money and time, and that is where they are absolutely wrong. At this point, people are really missing out on the real picture. One of the biggest purposes of regular maintenance and service is thorough check of the car. A thorough check will look for any leakages or parts that have been making strange noises. Therefore, it is better to spend a few bucks and take out time rather than facing the brunt later on.

3. Engine Oil

Engine oil is literally the life of your engine. Putting in the wrong type and not changing it on time will directly affect its life. If in case the engine oil light pops up, you need to realize there and then that something is wrong. It can simply be something hitting your oil chamber, damaging it and causing a leak. This is the time for you to say that find me the nearest auto parts store. Hence, it is always advised to keep the level maintained for a trouble free drive.

4. Overloading? Not Acceptable

Overloading your car is not in any way acceptable at all. Every vehicle is designed to withstand a certain weight. Anything more than that is going to affect the entire vehicle. If there are certain things in your car that consist of clothes, books or anything else, it is better to remove them. Heavy cars at turns, is going to work harder to keep its balance and performance. Even while braking, it will have to make extra effort. Not only your suspension is going to be under pressure, it is going to affect your fuel economy as well. With overloading, you will be asking to find me the nearest auto parts store pretty soon.


Keeping in mind the above mentioned things, always remember that the life of your loved ones is more important than time and money itself. Before overlooking any of the things above, make sure that you are up for any breakdowns that might occur.

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