What to Look for When Getting a New Body Mount Kit

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Your car’s body mount kit is placed on top of your car’s chassis. Something is required to act as a cushion between the parts to avoid metal on metal contact. Friction can cause unwanted noise and vibrations in your car. The usual body mount kit is made up of shock absorbing materials which dampen the vibrations and noise. Overtime like any body part the body mount kit can get worn out.

At that moment the vibrations and sounds start to seep in as the kit isn’t able to absorb shock anymore. You need a new body mount kit at that time. Or you may want to lift your car body or maybe you just want to replace your stock body kit. So what to look for when getting a new body mount kit? The following passages describe the differences between the different types of body mount kits to make your decision easier.

Rubber Body Mount Kit

One of the two types of body mount kit. Rubber body mounts provide much more of a cushion effect than the other type. It is generally the go to stock mount kit in trucks and SUV. This body mount however is prone to cracks and wear and tear over time and isn’t more durable than the other variety. This is more environment friendly however as it comes from a natural resource and isn’t chemically manufactured like the other type. 

Polyurethane Body Mount Kit

These are better in performance than the usual rubber body mount. They are very good insulators and are pretty resistant to heat and abrasion. Even though they can take very heavy loads they are not as shock absorbant as the rubber ones. The polyurethane body mount kit may have some volatile chemicals which may cause asthma attacks, so becareful and check it out properly before installing one.

Other factors To Consider

Every body mount kit contains bushings and hardware. These are placed in between the body of the car and the frame. You may find making a choice in the market nowadays is overwhelming. There are plenty of choices around for you. So you should know some baics. Here are a few additional things for you to consider when thinking about buying a body mount kit.

Height is an aspect to consider. You may want to increase the height of your car. You may want to use bigger tires to raise the height as well. However, you would need to upgrade the body mount kit along with it. The body mount kits in the market usually raise the height of the car about 1-2 inches. 

One thing to keep in mind while buying a new body mount kit is what comes with the product. How many items should there be. Your manufacturer has specifications laid out for you. Just do some research and find out. Usually, the body mount kits come with top and bottom body bushings, and washers. There are about 20 or so pieces of  items within one body mount kit. But the number varies according to different car,model and manufacturer. 

Some Polyurethane body mounts have steel rings built into them. This helps with durability. So if you are looking for something durable then you can consider buying one of these. But remember that these are more expensive and will definitely add to your cost. 

There you go, some things you should know before buying your body mount kit. Do your research and find out which is the best option for you. Replacing the body mount is technically challenging for most people. Unless you are a trained professional or have experience with things like this I would advise you to go to an expert for changing your car’s body mount.

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