Top 3 Blogs to Follow for Garden Architecture

by FreelancersPBN

In recent years we as a race have learned the need for trees and plants. We are on the brink of a green revolution. Nowadays, people are investing their time in building gardens and picking up horticulture as a hobby. This green movement coincides with the over-saturated urban development that has been prevalent in the last couple of decades. 

If you have an interest in redesigning your garden or knowing what new things you can implement in your garden. Then you should follow garden architecture blogs. While there are plenty of these around a few stands out in my eyes. The following will be a list of top garden architecture and landscape architecture blogs you can follow for some new inspiration. 

Number 1

From Tel Aviv, Israel Landscape Architects Network is a blog dedicated to everything regarding landscapes. Their passion for revealing the great outdoor landscapes from around the world is noteworthy. They pride themselves in showcasing how people from around the world utilize their spaces and integrate innovative garden and landscape architecture. 

For the majority of those who follow the profession of landscape architecture, they are a beacon of light. Landscape Architects Network will get you up to date with the latest news and trends within the community. Make sure to turn your notifications on when they post each month so you don’t miss out.

Number 2

A blog designed by professionals for professionals. The World Landscape Architecture provides all the latest news and updates on the field of garden and landscape architecture. This means that anyone whether an enthusiast or a professional can find all the relative news here. 

With the aim of working with landscape architects and other allied professionals, they aim to improve and enrich the sector all across the world. They have a blog where they post every week so make sure you follow them to never miss out on the latest details. 

Number 3

Landscape Architecture Magazine one of the oldest architecture magazines in circulation. From Washington D.C the magazine was founded back in 1910. With the mission to help out everyone who is interested in garden and landscape architecture, they provide the latest news and techniques. With a mission to provide timely information on the subject so that the readers never fall behind on the trend, they have helped out a lot of people in finding their feet. 

Their emphasis on ecologically sensitive planning and design means that they are even more relevant than any other time. They have a blog out every month so make sure you look it up. If you are new then go through their previous blog publications, trust me it will help you out a lot.

Find What You Are Looking For

So there you go, my top choices for garden and landscape architecture blogs. Don’t think that these are the only good ones out there. While they are the best in my eyes there are plenty of other good ones out there. There are plenty of other categories as well for these blogs. You can easily look them up. 

If you want to look up architectural garden elements, then you will be able to find it with relative ease. There are even blogs specializing in Japanese garden architecture and small garden architecture. So make sure you look for what you need and start following it when you stumble into it.

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