6 Eco-friendly Substitutes for Plastic

by FreelancersPBN

1. Glass

It’s true that glass is very fragile and a little mishandling could result in it breaking into uncountable pieces that spread all around the place. I know this is the reason why you choose plastic over glass because obviously durability is important. We all do that. But do you have any idea what harm you are doing to yourself and this beautiful earth with that plastic? Firstly, they are non-biodegradable and Phthalates in plastic disturbs the hormone functioning, create zinc deficiency in your body and much more. Do you really want durability over health and earth? I hope not.

So how about using glass which is made out of a renewable source, sand and not a fossil fuel unlike plastics and is safer to use.

Also, reusing those glass bottles isn’t a bad idea too!

2. Chicken Feathers

Did you now hair and wool contain keratin? Which is a tough and a durable protein like plastic? Moreover, it was highlighted by United States that disposing chicken features is a serious issue and the fact that these chicken features also contain keratin led to an idea of using these features innovatively to create water-resistant thermoplastic. The best part is that this water-resistant thermoplastic is fully biodegradable and not made out of any non-renewable source like fossil fuel and is stronger. So why let this chicken hair go to waste?

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

When thinking for a switch to ecofriendly substitutes you might be thinking how can I switch from using plastic bags? So my dear friend, how about using reusable bags in place of the dangerous plastic bags? This reusable bags are made either made of cotton, fiber or leather. Also, with these bags there’s not even a need to dedicate a cabinet to store bags as they can simply be folded and consume less space and damage too. Plus, they are super cute!

4. Milk Protein

We all love milk. You don’t? Really? I mean don’t you love ice creams? Chocolates? Shakes? Cappuccino? They’re all not possible without milk, so you’re a milk fan too. This milk contains a protein called casein which can be converted into a biodegradable material which is stiff and compressible like polystyrene. So why not opt for making some innovative use of milk and harming the environment a little less and making the tomorrow of this world healthier and brighter?

5. Liquid Wood

This is a biopolymer that is comes out of a renewable source; pulp-based lignin. The best thing about is, that it is biodegradable and is used to make toys, packaging, golf tees and hi-fi speaker boxes. What to know more on this? The material made out of this liquid wood is moldable and tough so why not make use of this Lignin which is one of the main components in wood and is discarded during the paper making process and not let this blessing go to waste?

6. Plastic Additives

Another way to making biodegradable thermoplastic is by using metal compound additives called prodegradant concentrates (PDCs).  These plastic additives are used to manufacture disposable diapers, thin plastic shopping bags and food containers.

If your house, like many houses, has many unnecessary plastic items, it’s recommended to use a junk removal South Florida service to get it removed so that they can recycle it.

Your use of a South Florida junk removal will not only help you, will help countless others.

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