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Have you ever thought about the data storage and transfer system of a hospital? They work with a massive amount of data and images. Moreover, it is essential to store and share the data securely with others. So, how do they do it so efficiently? The answer is they rely on medical imaging storage solutions.

What Is A Medical Imaging Storage Solution?

Doctors can see the radiology and other images in the DICOM online viewer. Diagnosticians store the image and reports in the dicomdir directory. Moreover, the patients and other physicians can access those data through PACS medical server. When all these facilities come under one platform, it becomes the storage solution.

Why Medical Imaging Storage Solution Is So Essential For Health Center?

No matter you work in a big hospital or run a private practice, a secure image storage solution is essential for better service and secure sharing. You have to store data and images from different unit of the center. Moreover, the data may have to share with other organizations or professionals.

If you do not have an integrated Medical image cloud storage platform to perform all these functions, the operations may jeopardize. Thus, you need a storage solution that can serve all the purpose of save, share, and secure transfer.

What Comes In A Storage Solution For Medical Images And Data?

The storage solution is an integrated and multi-component system. It includes numbers of virtual and physical sections that works together for a smooth operation. The sections include but not limited to

  • Integrated PACS software and server
  • PACS control station
  • Bridge for Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Workstations for DICOM files
  • Online DICOM viewer
  • Integrated Image Cloud system
  • Data Disc Publisher
  • Integrated Radiology Workflow
  • Tech Support and Services

Why Medical Imaging Storage Solutions Are Effective For Business?


Things always come cheap in bunch. No matter it is a 20-lbs pack of potatoes in Sam’s Club or a pack of pen in Office Max. In the same way, buying individual services separately will always cost you a lot. However, if you can get all the services in a bundle, your saving will surprise you.

It is not mandatory to purchase all the services. You can chose according to your business size and off course preferences. Most of the PACS storage solutions company allows you to customize your package. How convenient is that? 

Who Are The Leaders In The Storage Solution Market Of Medical Images?


A medical storage solution is a big investment for your business. No wonder you will go for the leaders to get better service. The storage solution market is a congested place and finding the perfect one for you is a daunting task.

However, we have done this task for you and come up with some of the leading storage solution companies. People ranked them high for their high-end products and efficient services. You can choose any of them for a hassle free experience.

  • NetAPP
  • eSSENTIAL Enterprise Solutions
  • postDICOM
  • SwiftStack
  • KIBI
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