How To Do SEO For Voice Search In 2019

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Voice search is becoming an integral part of websites and search engine algorithms are also favoring its addition into websites.

The challenge is to perform optimization for voice search. Here is how to do that!

  1. Using Conversational Words and Question Phrases

When we type on a computer, we tend to search as ‘Best restaurants in Melbourne’ However, this is not the case when we are talking with our smartphone.

Using a voice search feature, a person will normally ask in form of question i.e. ‘Which restaurant is serving lunch now?’

For NLP – natural language processing, try using tools like ‘Answer the public’ (it takes keywords and returns in the form of questions)

  1. Local Content Optimization

It is an interesting fact that 22% of all voice searches are related to local content. This seems valid because people are using mobile as they travel, seeking local information.

Try targeting phrases which have an immediate result. Put the text ‘near me’ in your tags, meta tags, and anchor text. Also, make sure that titles of local institutions are related to your business.

  1. Blog Posts Answering Questions of Customers

Think from a customer’s point of view. We know that most people try to talk in question form, both in real time and invoice searches so use this advantage to create content.

An SEO services company recommends creating dedicated blog posts, focusing upon the questions of your customers.

  1. Immediate and Favorable Results

People mostly use voice search because they want an immediate search. For example, if someone is looking for good restaurants, although there are lots of good restaurants in his neighborhood, yet he should be shown the top result, which has the most favorable reviews.

An SEO services company suggests trying getting your webpage as a featured snippet. Ideally speaking, the relevant content of your webpage should appear as a snippet, above the fold.

  1. Being Mobile Friendly

Mostly voice search feature is availed on smartphones. Try to optimize your website in terms of mobile friendliness, so that people can obtain the result at a faster pace.

Try Google’s mobile friendliness tool to determine the responsiveness of your website. If your website is alright, you will get a message which will give a message ‘Page is mobile friendly’ otherwise you will be shown specific steps, which you need to perform.

  1. Structuring the Data

Web crawlers are not humans. If things are not organized, they may take some time to run across a website and then index it, delaying its SEO rankings but if your data is structured, not only your website’s ranking will improve, but also help in voice search SEO.

Use schema markup to enable search enhancements. Try to obtain visually appealing results, based upon SERPs – search engine results page.

The logic with relevance to voice search is to obtain the microdata of a website, which is useful in obtaining immediate responses to voice search queries. In addition, submit your website’s sitemap to Google. Modifying your structured data, ensure that they are not blocked by use of robots.txt

Take help from an affordable SEO services company to help your website with voice search optimization.

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