5 Helpful Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips

by Tad Friesen IV

Follow these commercial carpet cleaning tips for better results.

1. Regular Vacuuming

It is the first and foremost step for keeping your carpet clean and presentable without causing any dust issues in the room. Regular vacuuming adds a great amount of life and looks to your carpet and of course it helps in lasting your carpet longer. Make sure your vacuum is working with a good air flow, have good filtration and a rotating adjustable brush to assure the quality cleaning. You can even do that on alternate days but only if you have moderate traffic as for high traffic, vacuuming regularly is highly recommended to keep up the quality and looks of your carpet.

2. Do Not Use Harsh and Too Much Cleaning Solutions

Firstly, harsh chemicals act as a sand paper which gradually grinds the surface of your carpet resulting in reducing the overall life of your carpet. This is why harsh chemicals are strongly not recommended for carpets which are having sensitive fibers and soft textures which might be damaged with them. Secondly, using too much of cleaning solutions is also not a good idea to assure good cleaning of your carpets as it will also affect the quality of your carpets which are a pricey asset themselves as recommended by commercial carpet cleaning services. Use mild and moderate quantity of cleaning solutions which does not damage the carpet quality and maintain cleanliness as well.


3. Dealing Stains Wisely

Well panicking badly when you see a stain or spot in your carpet is very normal but do not do any harm to your carpet in this panic by rubbing the surface immediately. Honestly, these stains and spots can be dealt wisely resulting in complete removing so just relax and handle it easily. It is advised by complete cleaning services to just blot the stained area immediately with a paper towel to let it absorb the spill as much as possible. You can use then some mild cleaning agents over the affected area and leave it for a while to clean it light handedly afterwards.

4. Pre-Spray Cleaning Solutions for Spots

A good way of removing spots is pre-spraying cleaning solutions and leave it for few minutes so it can break down the oily and sticky dirt particles to remove and wash them easily from the surface. Pre-spraying allows the solution to penetrate deep into the carpet to clean them thoroughly so no spot can be seen visibly over the surface and become permanent on it. Always remember that spots should be dealt immediately and promptly so they can be washed off completely.


5. Assure the Removal of All Cleaning Agents Properly

It is because if you leaving cleaning solutions over carpets, it is going to deteriorate your carpet quality gradually resulting in very bad condition very soon. Durability is badly affected this way which is often overlooked in case of carpet cleaning processes. Also, it may cause the carpet surface becoming a bit harsh giving unpleasant feeling to people walking over it. So, it is advised to learn the proper methods and usage rate of your cleaning solutions to minimize the stay over carpet surface and easy removal during the cleaning process.

If everything else fails, it’s recommended to hire commercial carpet cleaning services.

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