Why Designing and Creating Mobile Games Is So Exciting?

by FreelancersPBN

The two sides of the story mobile games, those of the players and the developers, do not quite go hand in hand, as you shall soon observe in this article.

Creating mobile games is certainly not as difficult as it is to create full-scale console games with multiple plotlines, character development, and a ton of option. That is not to say, however, that creating mobile games is very easy either because there are a number of limitations yet exciting activities attached to them which can make your experience worth it.

  1. The Challenge of Miniaturization

Many games which have been on the console platform and are unable to find their ways into mobile phones today is because the phones are following the trend of decreasing down the size of all components that are used to make it up. The only thing which they are trying to increase the cost of the size of other components is the screen, but there is obviously some technological and convenience based limitation attached to that.

To ensure the development of a game which can not only run on mobile specifications but can also be a playable game on a mobile screen. Monument Valley II is an example of such a sophisticated but well-constructed game, and it can act as a motivation for you to try and topple it.

  1. The Control

The number of people who go into creating mobile games is a lot less than it goes into making a console game, and that is not exactly a bad thing because of the more the developers, the more you can expect there to be a conflict of communication among them. With you being in the executive design of the game you have massive authority to govern whatever goes inside the making of the game.

This control, in turn, allows you to flourish your creativity to new heights and brings out the best development ability in you.

  1. The Charts

When the Flappy bird, a very simple game in times of complexities, was created and launched in multiple operating systems, the owner must indeed have been surprised to see the number of people it was able to hook towards it. This is just one example of the degree of success you will be liable to get provided that you make a game that caters to the interest of the playing masses.

The rising numerical figures around the graph turn out to be a great boost of confidence and only make you more determined to put out even better stuff in the upcoming future.

  1. The Updates

Each time Pokémon Go still has an update regarding the new generation of Pokémon which are about to be released on the phone version, avid players still go crazy. This is because of the emotional attachment players draw to these games, and it is quite a satisfying feeling to be the controller who determines these feelings.

Though you may be an unsung hero because only the name of the brand is appreciated, knowing your contribution changed so many lives for the better is enough to take pride in being an active individual creating mobile games!

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