DIY Replace and Repair Your Auto Parts

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It’s widely reported that a car has more than thirty thousand parts. With so many parts it is inevitable some need to be replaced. Some parts might require an expert hand, but not all. Sometimes going to the mechanic means taking time off your schedule and spending a hefty some on fees.

There are many parts that you can replace yourself to save you a trip to the mechanic. There are plenty of online auto parts stores that you can get these parts from. Stores like PartsCargo and others offer the cheapest and most convenient solution to your OEM & Aftermarket auto parts problem.

Here is a list of parts you can replace yourself so that you can save your time and money.

Auto Parts, You can Replace Yourself

Air Filter Replacement: A clogged or damaged air filter hampers the performance of your car. Sometimes it can even become unhealthy. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest repairs you can do on your car. This will increase your mileage and boost up the power.

Oil Change: This is a pretty easy thing to, with equipment that is needed for this are simple to use. Just get a ratchet, oil filter, wrench, funnel, new oil, oil container, and oil filter and you are set to go. Just make sure you don’t try to change the oil after driving. Waiting a few hours after driving is advised as the oil heats up and can stay heated up to a certain length in time.

Spark Plugs: This relatively small car part is very important for your car to function. If you have damaged spark plugs your fuel efficiency will be bad and your engine might even fail to start. These plugs are relatively cheap to replace and very easy to install. A tip to remember would be to check the wiring when you are replacing the plugs.

Windshield Wipers: Your car’s wipers need a change if you notice that the windshield isn’t that clear anymore. You should replace the old rubber of the wipers with new ones as soon as you notice the damaged rubber. Having good wipers will make sure that you get to see clearly during storms so it is a safety issue. Just take new rubber pads and a screwdriver and you are set to replace your own windshield drivers.

Headlight Bulbs: You should always check your Headlights. This is vital for safety and also is a major traffic law violation. Since the automobile industry has moved on from sealed beam headlights fixing replacing headlight bulbs have never been easier. With the composite models, you can just remove the headlight housing and replace the headlights individually.

Dangling Exhaust Pipes: If you hear sounds that seem weird to you from the back of your car then you might have a problem with your exhaust pipe holder. Many cars use rubber holders which get worn out. So, if you hear some funky noise make sure to check it out and replace if needs be.

Fuel Filters: This relatively cheap car part is easy to replace and will save you from hundreds of dollars’ worth of engine damage. This helps keep your carburetor and fuel injection clean so make sure you keep an eye out and check if it is working properly. You should make sure that you release the fuel pressure before changing the filter as not doing so may cause injury and harm.

Car Radiator Flush: Your car’s radiator and cooling systems should be clean to prevent overheating of the engine. You should make sure you flush out the radiator to keep the cooling system functioning properly. Radiators collect dust and other particles which can build and stop the cooling system from functioning properly. Also, please only try doing this when your engine is cold as the heat can cause serious damage to your skin.

A Few Words

So here are a few repairs and replacements you can do for your car. This will save you from racking up big maintenance bills from auto body repairs at your local garage. These parts are usually cheap, Aftermarket and OEMs can easily be found online.

The online stores offer the best discounts and the cheapest rate more often than not beating your dealer and local garage. These online stores will often offer you free shipping. But if you need express they offer you that as well. But do make sure you only go to the reputable online stores.

Having basic car knowledge and knowing how to do basic maintenance and repairs is a fine skill to have. Make sure you do enough research before trying to do one of the changes yourself.

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