Things You Should Know About Bike Frames

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A lot of people underestimate bike frames but know one thing: It is one of the most important factors which determine the quality of your bike ride.

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Frame Production

More or less, all the bike frames are made from a common process. Know that steel frames are older than carbon frames.

The old approach included the use of lugs to connect tubes with steel bike frames. Afterward, they were filled with a molten metal. The techniques of lugs and brazing are still used in the making of steel bikes but modern approaches include welding work at tube junctions.


The tubes undergo a process known as ‘Butting’. In this process, tube walls are made selectively thinner at particular sections, while thicker walls are formed at junction points. This helps reduces the overall frame weight of bikes.

From an outside glance, you will feel that the tube has the same diameter, but from the inside, the material has been removed.

Elements used for manufacturing top bike frames

  1. Steel

Since the invention of bicycles, steel has been used to make bike frames. It is heavier than both, aluminum and titanium but provides flexibility in terms of long rides.

Touring bikers and winter training bikers favor steel frames because of this very comfort flexibility.

  1. Aluminum

The coolest thing about Aluminum is that it is lighter than steel. Instead of pure Aluminum, Aluminum alloys are used for making bike frames.

It is also possible to obtain a very advanced Aluminum bike for a very low price but there might be a small catch i.e. you may feel your ride a little rough.

Tip: Always test drive Trek cycles for sale, so you may know about the comfort level of their bike frames.

  1. Titanium

Experts have found out that Titanium bikes have almost all the advantages which are offered by Aluminum bikes.

Many experienced cycles are of the opinion that Titanium bikes are all they would ever need for their outstanding cycling experience but the price of a Titanium frame is a problem.

This is because most Titanium bikes are considered upper tier bikes and many bike riders do not have a budget for buying Titanium frame bikes for sale.

  1. Carbon Fiber

The bicycles made from carbon fiber are the most technological advanced Trek bikes Australia. Trek carbon fiber bikes are famous throughout the world for their lightness.

Carbon fiber bikes are unique from other bikes because carbon fiber frames are not designed the way steel and Aluminum frames are designed. Unlike tubing and welding approaches of designing a bike frame, carbon frames are created by making a mold of multiple layers of carbon material, which are then traversed through a bladder. When the bladder has inflated, the whole product is cooked inside an oven.

Because carbon fiber bikes are the lightest, you will also find them to be the most expensive bikes. Another advantage is that extra strength can be obtained, wherever it is required by putting multiple layers on existing carbon frames. One thing’s for sure. They may be expensive but given their functionality, their reputation lives up to the hype of their prices.

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