8 Things To Know If You Are Travelling To Paris For The First Time

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Paris is the city of lights and a city which is always lively and happening. Some people dream of visiting Paris and when they finally enter Paris, they wish they had researched better before visiting Paris. If you are traveling to Paris for the first time then you need to know some things beforehand.

  1. Do Not Get Confused or Lost

The most you have heard about Paris is the famous Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame Palace, the Disneyland and the River Seine. Yes, these are the most popular places but what you do not know is that Paris is a huge city and is full of attractions and famous spots and places. Research beforehand about all the famous places and point of attractions and make a list of those that you would want to visit in your itinerary. This way you will know where you want to go and you will not get confused.

  1. Buy Tickets Beforehand

It’s better to buy the tickets of famous attractions and places beforehand and get them mailed or delivered to you. This way you will not waste time in standing and waiting in long queues.

  1. Make Use of Metro

If you are traveling to Paris for the first time then you need to know that taxis are really expensive in Paris. Get a metro card made and use the services of a metro. Keep a map with you so you do not get lost and know your ways around. However, if you not confident, then your can also use reliable Paris Taxi services. But make sure to compare different service providers rates.

  1. Bathrooms Are Not Free

If you are traveling to Paris for the first time then you will be shocked to know that you will need to spend money in order to use public washrooms. So basically, nothing is free in Paris.

  1. Avoid Eating in Fancy Cafes and Diners

One thing you should know is that Paris is a very expensive city and the fancy restaurants and cafes will charge you an arm and a leg for a mediocre meal. Save your expenses and eat at local roadside cafes and local food joints. You will get the same type of food at a much lesser price.

  1. Keep Some Days Free

When you are in Paris you never know when there is a unique show or an event or a new attraction comes up. So you should leave at least 2 days free in your itinerary so that you can splurge or spend your time at a unique event or attraction.

  1. Learn the Language

Parisians usually do not understand English and if they do then only a little bit. So try to learn a few of the French words and sentences as Parisians are really proud of their language and use it only for communication means.

  1. Be Fashionable

Paris is a city where most of the fashion of the world starts from. You will see trendy and beautiful people around you in Paris. So, pack a good deal of fashionable clothes, bags, shoes, and cosmetics so that you don’t feel like a douche bag in front of Parisians.

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