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The Reasons Why Should We Switch To Solar Energy - Bridge Town Herald

The Reasons Why Should We Switch To Solar Energy


Solar system technology is expanding at a rate like never before. New forms of solar power generation technology are being both created and implemented globally and have been predicted to represent the energy of the future. The International Energy Agency reported that renewable energy sources accounted for two-thirds of all new power added to the…

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Big Deal with Smart Homes - Bridge Town Herald

What’s the Big Deal with Smart (Energy) Homes?


Turning your home into a smart home will not change its outside appearance much, but it will save you money on your electricity bills, reduce your personal carbon footprint, and bring you convenience you never knew possible. The global smart home market is booming thanks to new energy generation technologies that are allowing electricity consumers…

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How Robots Crafting Their Way to Commercial Real Estate- Bridge Town Herald

How Are Robots Crafting Their Way to Commercial Real Estate?

Real Estate/Technology

Robotics and robots are a hot subject in terms of new technology in real estate. From now on is just a matter of time, more precisely “when”, not “if” robots will get involved into the real estate world. Already established as megatrend, robotics is heading full speed towards commercial and corporate real estate, from current…

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