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3 Fun Educational Toys as Gifts for Kids Aged from Two-to-Five

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Ever since I was a kid, I have loved baby educational toys. My parents knew buying me educational toys was better than purchasing many regular toys.

Here are three fun educational toy gifts for kids aged 2-5 that will help develop their early education skills while providing fun playtime, learning fun facts, and exploring interactivity throughout the product’s lifespan.

1. Alphabet Blocks

One of the best gifts you can give a child is a set of alphabet blocks. They are fun to play with and can also help with a child’s development.

  • Alphabet blocks can help a child with their fine motor skills as they learn to stack and build with the blocks. They can also help with eye-hand coordination as they reach for and manipulate the blocks.
  • Alphabet blocks can also help with a child’s cognitive development. They will recognize the different shapes and colors as they play with the blocks. They will also start associating the different letters with the objects they build. For example, they may start to realize that the letter “B” can be used to represent a house or a ball.
  • Blocks can also help with a child’s language development. As they play with the blocks, they will learn the different names of their building objects. They will also start to learn the different sounds the letters make. This can help them with their reading and writing skills down the road.

2. Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter is a great educational toy for kids ages 2-5, designed to teach children about shapes, colors, and other basic concepts. The Shape Sorter comes with four different shaped blocks: different colors and textures, so your child can learn about color recognition and texture.

The Shape Sorter is also a fun toy because it can be used by children of all ages and abilities. Kids can play with the toy alone or have fun with their siblings or friends.

Shape Sorter helps children develop:

  • Visual perception – When you put together the pieces differently, it shows your child what is possible with this toy.
  • Color recognition – When you put together the blocks of different colors and textures, it shows your child how to recognize colors.
  • Memory skills – If you make sure that your child puts together all of the blocks in one place before moving on to another one, it will help them learn how to use their memory skills effectively.

3. Interactive Toddler Puzzles

Puzzles for toddlers are a great way to keep your little one stimulated and learning. The toys can also be used to help teach children how to spell words, recognize shapes and numbers, develop mathematical skills, and more.

  • A great puzzle is one that your child will want to play over and over again. Interactive toddler puzzles are a fun way for toddlers to learn new skills while having fun at the same time. 
  • There are many different types of interactive puzzles available today, so choosing one that best suits your child’s needs is important. 
  • If you’re looking for something simple, puzzle books are available that help children practice their skills while they’re learning.


If you’re looking for fun baby educational toys, your options are almost limitless. The criteria you use to decide what toys are most appropriate for your child depends on various factors, including age, development stage, and interests. So, make your baby smarter by buying them baby educational toys.

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