All About Quantum Self-Healing

by Tad Friesen IV
Quantum self healing

Quantum healing is a technique which is mastered by being more in tune with the universe through meditation. Quantum self healing is one of the many advantages that come with it.


Meditation comes in many forms. You must have heard some people saying, ‘the universe gave me a sign’, ‘the universe’s energy is helping me become stronger’ etc. this doesn’t mean that the universe is simply pouring its matter into your body, rather it means that you are now very well connected with the universe. The universe consists of atoms and matter, you are also made up of atoms and matter. They say, there is a part in our body neurons or veins which intersect and connects with the universe. But to be more aware of that requires practice and meditation. The type of meditation which unleashes your control towards the universe is called quantum meditation.

Benefits of Quantum Meditation

Quantum meditation has many benefits. Some of them are listed as follows:

  1. Being aware of your mind and body completely.
  2. Understanding why certain things work the way they do
  3. Find clarity and logic behind things your ancestors used to do.
  4. Enhance your inner confidence.
  5. Easily control your path and actions.
  6. Be aware of what’s good for you and what’s not.

Quantum Self Healing

Quantum self healing is one of the many advantages of quantum touch or meditation. This involves the use of chakra, aura and every nerve of your mind creating some sort of energy. This energy then travels through your body, healing you from any types of pain or other such situations.

More Explanation

Those who have already tried such phenomenon claims wonders about it. Many have experienced the true power of quantum healing. Whether you have headaches or spasms, migraines or severe soreness all over you, you can simply self-heal by the quantum technique. Note that any serious problems require professional help. Quantum self healing method is for temporary pain which emerges out of nowhere and requires attention immediately. In other words, the reason you gulp paracetamol can be fixed by a simple quantum touch.

How to Do It?

Suppose you lie down and suddenly feel immense pain shooting out of your body in every direction, kind of like spasms which require for you to get up, move around a bit and eventually pop in a couple of pills. Well for once, leave that routine and allow yourself to relax, despite the pain. Slowly rub your hands and let friction create warmth. Apart from warmth, you must feel some sort of energy coursing through your body. Focus on the energy and close your eyes. Slowly move your hand up and down towards your body and feel the energy flow. The energy flow will reach your pain-inducing areas and cure you of it.

Importance of Quantum Healing

Quantum self healing is important because:

  1. It requires to use fewer pills.
  2. It allows you to be in harmony with yourself and the universe.
  3. It relieves you of your pain.
  4. The positivity and belief surrounding quantum self healing allow your mind to open up and get better on its own.

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